Research Reports

Assessment of the Georgia Agricultural Card Program
Friday, 29 May, 2015

The “Land-Poor-Farmers Assistance Spring Project” started in 2013. The project’s goal is to support rural residents in establishing sustainable farms.

The objective of the assistance program is the promotion of agro-technical activities (plowing) for cultivating annual crops and supplying the industrial inputs (fertilizers and/or seeds and/or plant protection products); and the promotion of the activities of those land-poor-farmers who only have perennial crops on their lands (the provision of fertilizers and/or plant protection products). This project gives farmers an opportunity to cultivate crops on lands that have not been plowed for years.

The beneficiaries of the project receive a card for plowing (the plowing card) and a plastic card, the so-called "agro card", for the purchase of farming goods (agricultural inputs).