ISET Policy Institute discusses risks associated with Russian business ownership in Georgia
Tuesday, 03 October, 2023

On October 3, ISET Policy Institute and Zinc Network organized a public presentation: A Study on Risks Associated with Russian Business Ownership in Georgia. The event was attended by representatives from local and international institutions, civil society organizations, and the broader public.

The study conducted by the ISET Policy Institute investigated potential risks associated with Russian business ownership in various sectors of the Georgian economy. In particular, the report overviewed potential threats linked to Russian business ownership across eight selected industries: electricity, oil and natural gas, communications, mining and mineral waters, tourism, banking, construction, and transportation.

As a result of the review of relevant international literature and conducted qualitative expert interviews, the report identified six distinct threats that might be associated with a high concentration of Russian capital in the selected sectors of the Georgian economy. In addition, the study presented an analysis of relevant international risk management frameworks and offered operational recommendations for mitigating the identified threats.