EU Studies Association Lecturer Visits ISET
Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Dr. Tamar Khuntsaria of the European Union Studies Association and an Associate Professor of the University of Georgia visited ISET to talk to the institute’s students about relations between the European Union and Georgia, with a focus on trade and economic issues.

Dr. Khuntsaria began by explaining the process through which the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area was signed between Georgia and the EU as part of the Association Agreement between the two. She described how the DCFTA removes customs tariffs and quotas and liberalizes trade in goods and services over a broad spectrum of economic-related issues, including food safety, intellectual property rights, and financial matters.

Dr. Khuntsaria placed particular emphasis on the importance of the DCFTA agreement since it represents a milestone in relations between Brussels and Tbilisi. Thanks to the deal, Georgian products and services now have access to some of the world’s largest and most stable markets, and over 500 million potential customers. However, the export products should comply with the EU standards to enter this market, which requires a lot of time, and financial resources to upgrade existing capacities. In this later, the EU also supports Georgia through different support programs, such as the ENPARD program, which works to improve Georgia’s agricultural sector, a critical part of the economy that still requires substantial reform. As well as aiming to raise living conditions and employment standards amongst rural populations and farmers, the ENPARD project also promotes gender equality by creating opportunities for women in agriculture.

ISET thanks Dr. Khuntsaria for taking the time to visit the institute and explain such a vital agreement for Georgia’s international presence and its economy.