Capacity building

Training for the Ministry of Energy of Georgia
Wednesday, 31 July, 2013

The ISET Policy Institute collaborated with the Association of Young Professionals in the Energy Sector of Georgia (AYPEG) on a training course targeting junior staff of the newly created Analytical Department within the Ministry of Energy of Georgia, Electricity Sector Commercial Operator (ESCO), and Georgian State Electro system (GSE). A total of 17 participants from these three organizations participated in the course.

Based on a needs assessment study conducted in 2012 and later discussions with Mr. Valerian Khavtasi, Head of the Analytical Department, ISET and AYPEG developed and delivered three training modules: Regulation of Electricity Markets, Competitive Electricity Markets: Theory and Practice, Energy Forecasting.

The program of training was reviewed by a Hydropower Investment Promotion Project (HIPP) expert, Dr. Gergana Stoitcheva (Ph.D., Louisiana State University and MS in Energy Economics, University of California, Berkeley).