March 2024 | Upheaval of the CCI
01 April 2024

Another rise in CCI. After the downward trends in January and February, the CCI increased by 3.9 index points, from -17.7 in February to -13.8 in March. Both the Expectations Index and the Current Situation Index moved upwards in tandem, increasing by 4 and 3.8 index points, respectively.

On this occasion, the highest increase can be found in current sentiments towards making savings; 40% of respondents think now is a relevant time to make savings compared to 30% in February. Sentiment regarding the current and expected general situation in the country also improved relatively. If in February approximately 58% of respondents thought the economic situation in the country worsened during the past year, in March the respective share was 47%. As for the expectations, 26% of respondents in March believe that the situation will become slightly better within the upcoming year, compared to 20% in February.

Tbilisi vs. the regions. The increase was evident for Tbilisians, as well as for those in the rest of Georgia. For Tbilisians, the Index increased by 4 points, while for the population throughout the rest of the country the rise was 2.8 points.

BAR CHARTS: Consumer Responses by Questions

Note: Starting in July, the CCI underwent minor shifts in methodology. Specifically, the questionnaire was slightly modified, in terms of how questions were formulated when conducting a survey.