April 2024 | Khachapuri Index marks its second consecutive monthly decline
30 April 2024

In April 2024, the average cost of cooking one standard portion of Imeretian khachapuri stood at 6.24 GEL, marking a 4.0% increase from April 2023. However, on a month-to-month basis, the price of a single khachapuri decreased by -2.4% compared to March 2024.

Analyzing specific Georgian cities, the index saw declines in Batumi, Kutaisi, and Tbilisi (-5.9%, -4.9%, and -3.7%, respectively) in April 2024 compared to March 2024, while prices in Telavi remained elevated, increasing by 4%.

Annual prices rose in April for all khachapuri ingredients: butter (+15.6%), yeast (+15.3%), milk (+12.1%), egg (+3.2%), cheese (+2.2%), and flour (+0.4%). Conversely, on a monthly basis, most ingredient prices decreased: cheese (-4.1%), yeast (-1.2%), egg (-1.1%), and milk (-0.7%), with the exceptions being butter (+1.1%) and flour (+0.7%). This monthly decline aligns with traditional seasonal patterns in fresh milk production, which typically peak in June and July. Additionally, the onset of Great Lent on March 18 might have contributed to reduced prices of cheese and milk products, as demand for these foods typically decreases during the Lent period.