Research Reports

  • Social Economic Policy Analysis with regard to Son Preference and GBSS - Summary

    This study explores the factors behind the improvements in Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB) in Georgia over the last 15 years. It combines quantitative and qualitative analysis. Focus groups, in-depth interviews, and econometric analysis have highlighted the following determinants of SRB improvements: improved economic conditions, reduced poverty, increasing the economic share of the service sector (creating new job opportunities for women in banking, retail trade Read More
  • Competitive Advantages of the Mountainous Regions of Georgia

    According to the Georgian socio-economic development strategy, “Georgia 2020”, the economic politics of the Georgian government is based on the following principles: • Ensuring fast and efficient economic growth that is oriented towards the real (production) sector development; • Implementing the economic policy that stimulates inclusive economic growth; • Exploiting natural resources rationally in the economic development process; Read More
  • South Caucasus Trade Study

    In September 2015, United Nations member states adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (the “Agenda”) and seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Agenda and the SDGs propose that countries achieve sustainable development in economic, social and environmental dimensions simultaneously. The Agenda stipulates that international trade is expected to play a role in the implementation of achieving the SDGs. The United Read More
  • An Overview of the Potential of Georgian Berries on the EU Market

    The cultivation of berries is becoming increasingly popular among farmers in Georgia. The necessity of diversification in agricultural production and opportunities in the EU market have led farmers and the state to placing greater focus on the sector. At present, many international organizations’ projects, as well as state programs, are directed towards the development of this sector. The objective of this policy document is to: • Assess the potential Read More
  • Effectiveness of Financial Literacy Program at Schools: The Case Study of SchoolBank in Georgia

    People face complicated financial decisions starting from a young age. Financial mistakes made early in life can be costly. Thus, Financial literacy could play an important role in sound financial decision-making. Financial illiteracy has implications for many household behaviors. People with the lack of financial literacy participate less in the stock market (van Rooij et al. 2011), choose mutual funds with Read More
  • Safety and Quality Investment in Livestock: Georgian Dairy Market System Analysis and Mapping

    Land O'Lakes International Development is leading an innovative, demand-driven Safety and Quality Investment in Livestock (SQIL) project to improve food safety and quality within Georgia’s dairy and beef value chains. The project is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (via Food for Progress) and aims to reduce losses, improve food safety and quality from farm to fork, Read More
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