Editor reviews all ISET documents submitted by ISET-PI Centre Heads and researchers, including but not limited to blogs, indices, reports, summaries and other miscellaneous texts for English accuracy and comprehension, as well as for narrative cohesion and clarity.

Responsibilities and Duties

This job is an “on-demand” position. The candidate must be available 7 days a week to receive and edit documents with a fast turn-around. All documents must be closely reviewed for grammar, spelling and narrative clarity. Must be able to work in Word using ‘track changes’ and the ‘comments’ functions in the “Review” tab. Workload generally ranges between 60 and 100 pages per month, with a 24-hour turnaround for any document under 10 pages. Must be able to work under tight deadlines with a very high degree of accuracy.


• Native English speaker;

• Excellent command of grammar and spelling in English;

• Ability to analyze narrative flow for coherence, cohesion and clarity. Must be willing to ask questions of writers necessary to achieve the highest level of English writing;

• Familiarity with economics preferred; academic background of any kind also preferred;

• Experience editing writing in English drafted by non-native writers, preferably experience working with Georgians writing in English.

In addition, the ISET Editor may be asked to draft grants on an as-needed basis. The specifications for grant writing are as follows:

The grant writer works closely with ISET teams to develop project concepts, elaborate all required elements, and write multiple drafts of grant application for review and revision. Work includes all elements of grant applications and close coordination with team members.

Responsibilities and Duties

The ISET grant writer works on a wide variety of donor-funded projects (international aid organizations, government agencies, embassies, etc.) with an assigned team of ISET researchers and/or academic staff. The team generally has a concept in mind, and it is the grant writer’s responsibility to critically assess the concept and work with the team to elaborate and improve it so as to increase chances for success. Often, a project is submitted in two stages (concept note/LOI, followed by a full proposal). Each stage may involve multiple drafts with review and comments from the team. The grant writer must be able to work closely with the team to coordinate, evaluate and harmonize comments from multiple sources.

The grant writer is primarily responsible for all components of the application, including but not limited to logical frameworks, monitoring and evaluation, risk and mitigation plans, timelines, and detailed project description elements. The grant writer may also assist in the drafting of the budget.

Grant applications are often written under intense time pressure. The grant writer must be skilled in building relationships with team members that will produce the needed information in a timely and comprehensive manner.


• At least two years’ experience working in international grant writing for international donors; in particular, the EU and EU-funded projects such as ENPARD and Horizon 2020 projects, USAID, and US-funded projects such as ZRDA, the UN, and foreign embassies and government agencies;

• Native English speaker or outstanding ability to write in English;

• Possess the ability to not only put together an organized, comprehensive grant application with all of the required criteria and elements, but also the ability to write convincing and compelling narratives that will impress the funder as to both beneficiary need and applicant competency;

• Must be highly organized, able to create a workplan and put it into effect under often challenging circumstances;

• Deep understanding of Georgian context in the grant funding field; should be familiar with trends and priorities of funding organizations;

• Willing and able to work on very short deadlines.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until position is filled, so early submissions will be much appreciated.

Please send your resume, cover letter and at least one reference letter to the following email address: [email protected] Please indicate "Editor" in the subject line. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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