In addition to its other exchange programs, from last year ISET has actively built up a cooperative relationship with Lausanne University. A group of students and professors from the Business and Economics Faculty at Lausanne University visited ISET early this year and had a chance to take a course in Mechanism Design, taught by Motty Perry, a Senior Academic Adviser at ISET and Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick in the UK. In addition, they participated in a number of ISET-arranged seminars, touching upon various fields in Economics.

Nobel-winning economist James Heckman proclaimed that “the data speaks for itself” after he carried out an experiment known as the 'Perry pre-School Project' and discovered that investing in high-quality preschool education brings returns of around 14 percent – a rate of return that is much higher than standard returns on stock market equity (7.2 percent).

Acknowledging the huge importance of pre-school education in human capital formation (as well as in shaping individuals’ moral views and their social preferences), ISET, in collaboration with UNICEF and the World Bank, organized a dialogue on “Early and pre-School Education: Current Challenges and the Way Forward” as part of the Education Policy Forum (EPF). The dialogue took place on May 10 in the ISET conference hall.

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