On October 26-27, the APRC attended the second workshop on mainstreaming Agenda 2030 requirements in the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) on Windbreaks Draft Law, organized by REC Caucasus with support from international donors. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the results of stakeholder consultations conducted in the framework of RIA by the APRC team, as well as to consider Agenda 2030 principles in the RIA implementation process. A GIZ representative presented the RIA+ concept in light of the Agenda 2030 requirements, and discussed the importance of such concepts as “leave no one behind” and “integrative approaches”. GIZ’s presentation was followed by a presentation from the head of the Agrarian Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, who went through the draft law in details and received feedback from the workshop’s participants.

October 15-17 2018, Salome Gelashvili and Pati Mamardashvili from the APRC traveled to Switzerland to participate in a kick-off meeting of the collaboration between APRC and the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL) at the Bern University of Applied Science. The collaboration took placein the framework of initiatives funded by the Leading House for Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation with Russia and the CIS Region.

From the HAFL side, the meeting was attended byDr. Urs Scheidegger (Head of Master Studies), Dr. Dominique Guenat (Lecturer in Agricultural Economics and Politics), Dr. Robert Lehmann (Head of Unit Teaching and Extension), Dr. Dominic Blättler (Professor for Rural Development &Innovation), and Pia Fehle (Research Scientist of International Agriculture).

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